Thursday, December 12, 2013

SEO is probably the thing that is not easy

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In the post super full time , I want to talk about how to SEO a website and blog seo correct way to make a single ranking in Google ( or at least the top four ) . : D

I know SEO is probably the thing that is not easy ( maybe even intimidating ) for most of you remember the many who need to learn
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Five years ago when I used to be just starting out , for my own SEO it did seem a bit mysterious .
But after a few years to create a website , its me - ranking , and has its own system to get high rankings in google continuously , I understand there was science behind search engine optimization .
Before I begin with a lengthy explanation of how me to download my websites SEO and ranking making one ( or at least the last four pages ) on Google , I would like to make a disclaimer first ...
That by following the guidelines that I write this , I am NOT GUARANTEE you could get high rankings in Google .
how seo website
The results you'll get will depend on your experience , your instincts , your knowledge , and money you have in your pocket to buy things that are needed to be able to rank high in Google ( yups , SOMETIMES SEO is not free ) .
And that even though I 've tried my best to provide any information as to post this , I still rather this is NOT an SEO expert knows everything .
Risks to use the information in this page 100 % in your hands .
And with that disclaimer , let's start the guide ...How to SEO Website & Blog Ala Syamsul Alam
SEO guide us in this time , I will talk about my style of SEO techniques .
And honestly , I was middling complex technique - you may not understand some of the many terms in this guide , and process optimization which I always do my keyword research based on strong , so do not carelessly optimization .
Broadly speaking , this is what I usually do :

Keyword Research , find keywords with high search potential and low to moderate competition , the determination of the primary keywords and keywords support , then make a priority .
On Site SEO , website creation process with a structure based on the results of keyword research , installation Optimized WordPress theme well , laying SEO elements such as title tags , header tags , and others related to the main keyword on the site .
Off Site SEO , the process of building backlinks and domain authority , which include building a social profile on the popular social sites , social bookmarking , purchase high PR backlinks , and the use of mass backlinks
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And yups , that's three things that will be discussed in our post this time ...# 1 Keyword Research For High Rank Foundation
The first thing you should realize is that you must first CHOOSE keywords , keywords which you want your site ranking high in Google .
learn seo website
From the beginning you have to understand it clearly , KEYWORD WHAT would you seek and you will make as a main keyword for your site .
You CAN NOT rank for all the keywords that you want .
Resources are limited, while the keywords you want to rank for your site may be very much higher , so you have to CHOOSE a few keywords as your initial target .
And most people do not even know they should have targeted keywords for ...
If you already have for targeted keywords , you have survived better than 50 % of internet marketers out there .
So , think carefully beforehand about the site you want to make about what , what purpose , who the person that you seek , and what about the keywords that potential visitors will be typed by you in the search engines .
Example : You want to create a website to promote training and coaching business noodle making your own chicken noodle , then the people you're looking for is :

Employees who are interested in the business side ,
Students ,
Entrepreneurs who want to grow the business ,
Housewives who are interested in a side business selling noodles on the home page ,
and others.


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