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Tuesday 25 de June de 2013
10 ways to make better decisions

Our lives are filled with decisions . Ranging from small to big changes that affect their lives . The choice depends on the identity of each of us . But sometimes , we just decided to crash . As a result , self-monitoring , but not happy or sad . And scientific principles to help me .

While most of us do not realize the emotional process behind the decision. Fortunately what psychologists and neurobiology research can help us decide better . Here is a lot of amazing discoveries . We were told to help your decision .

1 Do not fear the results will follow .

Whether it's a choice between a new car and a bigger house . Or better to be married . Almost all of our decisions related to the future assessment . We imagine that chose to make us feel normal , we tend to think that the option , which will make us the most happy . The issue of assessing the sense that we also expect not good enough .

Normal people tend to evaluate the effect of the results of both good and poor increased . " The result is a fun event , most of which will fade and shorter than most people imagine , " Daniel Gilbert , a psychologist at Harvard University , and say this is the truth in all things , whether small . like going to a restaurant . Or like a big job .

Important factors that cause us to judge which is not good . Loss aversion . Or the belief that water loss is more painful than not well received . But Gilbert Ritchie that although loss aversion will affect the choice . But when I lost it . Back pain is much less than anticipated .

So instead of dimming the results that will make us feel . Try to find someone like me to see how he feels . Do not forget that no matter what the future will be like . It might make us happier or less happy than we thought it would be .

2 believe your own instincts .

Although we tend to believe that a good decision , but sometimes it takes decisions by instinct , I have the same thing , if not better than Janeane . Willis and Alexander . Tony Bancroft songs from Princeton University found . We can judge . Reliability aggressive charm and fun of the people within milli seconds to see new faces . When searching for a long time until one second . The researchers found that the observer can not review their comments .Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online

But greater confidence that the decision directly .

Of course , the information that can help us to improve the site Lange as discount . See the strange contradictory , but sometimes even a lot of information . We trust their own instincts .

Up Offa West Aarhus University in the Netherlands found that Bowdler ribbon . Time to buy simple clothes . Buyers are much more satisfied with their decision to have two to three weeks after weighing other options later . But for more complex purchases such as furniture , people end up believing their own instincts more than happy .

Offa West Hussein concluded that decisions by intuition is also adapted to work well with others , such as in-store purchases . Management and politics .

I also contributed three .

You might think that emotion is the enemy of the decision . But this fact is critical atmosphere . Every time you decide . Big systems Lim or emotional control center of the brain that work in Antonio da machi Neurobiology , University of Southern California . Studies of the brain control emotional damage . And found that they were not able to get a hit . Such as what to wear or eat anything . Adama Paseo assumed that this is because our brains store memories , a sense of choice in the past . We decided to let the current perception .

However , under the influence of emotional selection may affect the results dramatically . See anger as an example . The study , by Niti Ka . Garden of the University of Mississippi and Jeffrey came and Comcast sensitivity limits of Tulsa University of Pittsburgh found that consumers are angry tend to choose the first thing they have to offer , rather than considering other options . Our anger may seem hasty and selfish at risk .

All thoughts and emotions affect our motivation . lowongan kerja Avoid major decisions under the influence of emotion . Surprisingly , however , the mood is one that allows us to choose well . American researchers found that depression is considering various options and ultimately choose the best . Some studies show that receiving depression as possible the real world . Psychologists call this behavior as run the depressive realism .

4 learning its own investigation .

Never argue with someone with Frank and frustrated because they took the evidence to support the opinion of myself and do not know what is on hand . It is itself a favor to everyone . This bias becomes a problem if we believe that the decision to consider various options . But the fact that we have a lot we want to justify it .

To be a good decision . You have to do more than rely on facts and figures like best . Found evidence that proves that you are wrong . It is a painful thing . " I realize that we may be honest , it's not good enough , " Raymond K. Koenig Anderson, a psychologist at Tufts University , said : " I acknowledge that this bias . And we are all under the influence it would be a good thing , " we may look to support themselves with less and less care .

5 Do not believe anything easily .

Our decisions can sometimes stick to the facts and figures that are not relevant . The traditional theory , proposed in the literature . " It tends to take an early decision " on Daphne comes with Amos . Vale de Ski ask study participants to estimate the percentage of African countries in the United Nations to answer the questions they have to spin the wheel , with numbers ranging from zero to 100 , indicating that the numbers are higher or lower . Participants did not know the wheel is set to stop at number ten , or 65 , is not about numbers . But the answer to the surprising result . On average , participants answered a number ten can spin the wheel to provide about 25 percent of the people who turn the wheels have 65 numbers that 45 percent seems the answer is much less with the numbers on the wheel .

This same happens every time we see the word " discount " in the original price , which serves as the primary data , as opposed to the cheaper . The fact that expensive anyway . We will overcome this tendency , how " hard " Tom Chi Lovina Beach psychologist at the University of Cornell , said the strategy is to create your initial balance . But it also has problems . " Because you do not know how to get the effect of the initial data . 's Information is difficult to compensate. "

6 Beware of social pressure .

You may have seen themselves as a company that is not susceptible to anything. But none of them are free of social pressure on experiments at Stanford University in 2514 , Ford had to stop when a student who has been assigned the role of Warden of persecution psychology students . This group plays a prisoner . Other studies have shown that groups of people . With the same ideas tend to be persuaded to do something extreme .

To avoid the negative influence of social pressure to do . If you suspect that we are going to decide I think that's what the boss wants to think if you are a member of a group or offer cool deal . Do not assume that the group knows best . And if all parties agree . So as the final opponent into a situation where you have less responsibility . It is very possible . You can choose unaccountably

Sometimes , social pressure may be a good thing . Researchers at the University of Arizona to find the support options that are friendly to the environment . By placing a paper written in a hotel room invites guests to reuse towels as a reason for future generations or the environment most visitors do . The motivation is to make the most visitors than all the other 30 percent .

7 of the others .

" Tend to think " on the options presented by our twisted to explain why we bought snacks " 90 percent fat free" instead of buying that type. " Percent fat " , we like choices involving offensive and options related to the death . Another factor is that we see the selection as part of the overall look or modular .

Research published last year in 2549 , Benedict de Otto Di Martino and Ray Dolan of University College London , MLB RIA scanners detect brain responses tend to think it is . section and find a lot of activity going on Amusement Park in the center of Guadalajara , a part of the brain controlling emotion . When one person associated with the information that came early . It's hard to convince people that there is a lot of activity in the brain as well . But they know my first response got better by creating a link to the cerebral cortex , the front of the socket and the center , which is part of the brain that connects deeply with amino A. Mandala and parts . Other related idea is the use of reason . The brain tends to disintegrate in a hurry.

Di Martino said we can not ignore this data is not possible . It is important to know that we have a bias there . There is evidence that experience and education are better able to withstand this bias . But the simple steps to avoid it . Consider your choice of more than one angle .

8 Do not complain about the past .

This sounds familiar photo . You put in the closet is not set , but refused to go because they buy it . The driving force behind this bad decision error called sunk costs .

During the 1980s , investasi online researchers from Ohio State University suggests that we think is easily fooled . With the students to imagine that a ski holiday tour is priced at $ 100, then go look for another tour costs 50 dollars , which is cheaper accommodation and better . But be aware that the two were on the same tour , day trips paid Surprisingly , most students choose a tour that attracted more sensitive but more expensive because it is too expensive .

The reason for the choice is that the more we invest more flavor . Compliance with it . Investment is balance . Who have never had to endure a boring book to finish . I always remind myself that the past is the past . If you see something that should not end up in the initiative may not be ideal to do next .

9 choices are limited .

You might think that a better option . But try this case . Satisfied with their choice of chocolate from a choice of five different types to choose from more than 30 types of psychologist from Columbia University , where research on the paradox of choice says that even if we think there is a better option than most . But often little better .

Other options require you to use their skills to process more data . Invited to confusion . I took a chance and made ​​a mistake . So you may feel quite satisfied . For fear that they would lose the opportunity to better

The paradox of choice may be more severe effects on each other in particular . " Those who have the most " or discriminating all of the options before deciding to " just do it " or have a tendency to choose the first option that meets their needs will be minimal disruption . " If you intend to find a " good enough " pressure many are eliminated , and the burden of choosing just what options are limited , it becomes an easier task management " Barry Beach warts . Psychologists from the University of Northern Lights Paris Moss said .

So , instead of looking for my dream camera . Ask friends if they prefer a camera that uses a camera , might make you satisfied with g quartz telling them to limit some options .

10 others to choose from .

We tend to believe that there will be more than happy if you decide for yourself . But whatever the outcome , however , sometimes the decision will be left feeling satisfied , if so , it might be better if the control

Last year at Cornell University Bottineau Mona and Anne Mac Gill University of Chicago . Published a series of experiments investigating the concept . By allowing users to choose from a number of test pieces and routed blank . When asked to identify the level of satisfaction with the outcome . And asked how it feels with the decision. Anyone with less than I was advised to choose .

Investigators established that reason is not an achievement to lift themselves even end up with a better option . But he still felt oppressed by the thought that he might not be the best choice . Even those who choose to have a bit of information . Not much to be responsible for the results . But it would be more comfortable if others choose to .

Bottineau and Max Gill believes that these findings have implications for a broad indication of any decision that may have little or no flavor . For example . I let others choose wine during dinner . " We adhere to the option . And it is believed to bring happiness . , But sometimes it is not " the ACC said Gill .


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