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In this discussion, we will explain how to find a good domain name for SEO. Domain containing the SEO will make your website will become easier for SEO optimization AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
Choosing a website domain name is essential that the most crucial for those who want to make it a good site for personal or business purposes. SEO Friendly Domain names which can facilitate you to capture traffic from Search Engines. Therefore, the domain name that is SEO friendly can increase your blog traffic.
Here we will convey some ways looking for a good domain for SEO: Analyzing Keywords to obtain a good domain for SEO
To obtain the best keywords, one way is to analyze these keywords. Then from the best keywords from the results of the analysis, we try to use to create the domain name. That way, Google will easily recognize our website later because the domain name already SEO Friendly. Please read the article "Analyzing Keywords for SEO your website" to get the best keywords and SEO friendly. Meets Standard Good Domain peluang usaha online murah .
What is a good domain Standard? A good domain is a domain with a range of considerations ranging from the brand in terms of business / company and in terms of SEO. Domains are standardized, it will be easier than the optimized domains carelessly.
The following considerations for a good domain memillih

Short, short domain name is always good to use and it will be easier in the optimization.

Easy to remember, look for a domain that is easy to remember, you will build the brand more easily and quickly.

TLD. Com - if not to build a web of non-profit institutions, universities or government, it is always better to use dot com.

Easier typed - with a name that you can easily typed ensure prospective visitors who want to visit your blog, snagged another blog.

Avoid hyphens (-), long names and using numbers.

Avoiding the word pronunciation is almost the same, are like a designer and designers.
Using Keywords Selected as a Domain Name
After obtaining the keywords you want and understand the terms of a good domain, then it is time to try to use these keywords as a domain name. All you have to do is as follows:

Pick a few key words to search the best
Try to cluster the keywords into a domain name.
For example, the keyword batik, the highest search: batik, Batik Pekalongan, batik solo, Indonesian batik, batik modern, batik robe of
We could have crafted it into a domain name like, etc.
Test domain name, if it is still available or not Open website, then enter the domain name in the search field and press Enter
On the search results page on Domain Buying Options box, you investasi online can see the domain available.
Try to get a domain with the suffix. COM
If the domain name is not available, please check for other keywords. Repeat until getting the best domain name.
Select Brand Name or SEO
Sometimes when choosing a domain name we are faced with the choice of whether to use the domain name or pursuing SEO. We always recommend to select them according to the purpose of making a website.
If you want to introduce your brand to the internet then you should choose a domain name based on the name of brand / company you. The consequence was a struggle to get traffic with SEO heavier because there are no keywords in the domain name. So, you have to find another way eg advertising campaign, promotion through social media, offline promos etc..
If you are more concerned with sales turnover then you should choose a domain based SEO. Hope choose a domain that is SEO Friendly get traffic from search engines as much as possible (which is actually free), thereby reducing the need for expensive promotional costs. The greater the traffic, the higher the turnover obtained. Along with the traffic / visitors are more and more, you start a brand known. This method is very suitable for small companies, SMEs, or individuals who first foray in the world of internet AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
Another way is that you have two websites one for branding, sendangkan others for sale then you connect the two websites.
Thus our explanation about finding a good domain for SEO from us may be useful. If you want to ask or consult on your website please contact us


  1. Nice information sharing.A good name is nothing but a name which is short, easily understandable, not combined with many symbols and numbers .To get a good domain name in term of accessibility and SEO ,you need to follow the things given below
    1.Domain name must be short
    2.Try to avoid too many '_' symbol in your domain name.
    3.Get the domain name that related to your business or product or organization
    4.If you want to get the domain extension .com and that is not available means try to register the new domain with other extensions like,, .info, .net, etc.Also the domain registration should be with a good domain registrar like

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