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Most Romantic Places For Kissing

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Most Romantic Places For Kissing - Kissing is certainly one of the ' spice' for the couple . In European countries , kissing is a normal thing and not something that needs to be covered up . While in Indonesia ,Agen Bola Promo SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Onlinesometimes they have to hide - hide or to place a little quiet to be able to do so . :-)

The most romantic place certainly determine the mood of the time together and kissing . Each person must have their own romatisnya place , is not it? And , below are six of the most romantic places in the world kissing . Whether any such place?

Most Romantic Places In The World For Kissing
The Bridge of Sighs Venice , Italy

Venice is a beautiful city of water . The people there believe that couples kissing on top of the gondola just below the ancient artistic bridge at sunset there will bring good luck to the couple's love . Structure places the 17th century building is one of the famous attractions in Europe are also the most romantic place to be with family .

Juliet balcony , Verona , Italy

Still in Italy . You 've heard of the legendary tale Romeo & Juliet , is not it? Juliet balconies are located in the city of Verona , Italy is the place where Romeo and Juliet love each other binding promise to the end of life . In this balcony , you can enjoy the atmosphere of the sun is sinking in the evening , at the same time making it as one of the most romantic places for couples to be alone .

The Kissing Bench , Syracuse , NY

Seeing the photo above , of course, seems far from being romantic , is not it? Just a stone shaped seating less attractive . But , wait ! Stone seat located jasa seo murah at the University of Syracuse , NY turned out to have a legend known by many locals as the most romantic place to kiss . Couple kissing in the Kissing Bench is believed to have ties to both the future direction of the destination .

Paris , Eiffel Tower

Paris and the Eiffel Tower and the city is recognized as the most romantic place in the world . Not surprisingly , it has a lot of love-themed films are shot in the city of Paris . Quite a lot of experience and stories that tell the most romantic experience they can kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower and Paris City which has beautiful views of the .

Bridge Ontario , Canada

Overview saw the photo above , it appears that may seem unremarkable . However , the atmosphere will be very different when you get into the bridge . Atmosphere bridge which gives a sense of warmth and romantic is very well known in Canada as one of the most romantic places to be alone and kissing .

Callejon del Beso - The Alley of the Kiss , Mexico

Glance there was no unique place located in Guanajuato , Mexico is . However , the people there have strong beliefs and myths about the place which is also known as kissing in the valley of Mexico City as a place that will unite the couple kissing there .

Mentioned in ancient times there were two lovers who lived across the valley Slender . Moreover , until now believed to be a lot of people who saw the apparition lover kissing on the balcony of the house that lies between them .

Since then , a lot of myth that says that Slender Valley , or The Alley of the Kiss is more than just the most romantic places to kiss . Even couples kissing on the third rung between the two houses will be lasting until the couple's children and grandchildren and have a Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online harmonious relationship , as well as abundant happiness .

How ? if you are interested in trying 6 most romantic place to kiss them? :-)

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Own business, enterpreuner, entrepreneurs, independent business, or whatever it is called, is an AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAactivity in which the offender is to be the main character for yourself the business itself. Reciprocation of the company (company = place of business), rise and fall of the company, they are responsible. How to be successful in managing its business in accordance with the coveted. Into hope.
Well, before stepping establishing themselves doing their own business, as an entrepreneur, businessman, entrepreneur, enterpreuner ... Or for those who have undergone ... Keep listening to the five keys to success that I have found the following from detikdotcom. Let's learn together. I had come to listen and learn. Hope can be taught and hopefully be successful. Please ...
Jakarta - Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a major role in the growth of the domestic economy. In addition, by starting a small business like this, you also helped create jobs for others.
Opening your own business requires the right strategy in order to succeed and develop into a large corporation. Some important things to consider is the consumer, cash flow, loan, credibility, and capital.
These five things are the things that determine the success or failure of your business. Here are the details of the things you should consider when starting your business, as quoted from Investopedia, Tuesday (12/12/2011).
1. Consumer
Consumers are the main things that must be considered by businesses because they are the lifeblood of all businesses. Consumers, too, which gives you the turnover of your company in order to keep moving.
The old adage says, "businesses will not work without something is sold" is very true for businesses. There are many ways that can be done in maintaining and attract new customers. One is as below.
In starting a business, you should start to deploy expand the business so that many people know. You do this by advertising. The place and the medium can be anything, such as local newspapers, radio ads, brochures sent from home to home, personal website pages, classified ads, and so forth.
- Promotion
Many entrepreneurs are on sale at the beginning of AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIAbuilding his business. Usually, promotions are made to wear or gift coupons directly if it reaches a certain price on the purchase. The effectiveness of such programs is dependent on the target consumer and the prize awarded.
- Brochures from home to home
Distributing flyers with the way from home to home can be effective nan efficiently. This method is most widely done in the early days of your business to build a community around the target consumer.
- Discounts
The most classic way to hook and retain consumers. So that you do not really lose in giving discounts, no special requirements try first. An effective one is the requirement if the consumer successfully bring potential buyers will be given a discount. Thus, gradually, the number of consumers you will always grow.
- Patented Brand
With patented brand, then the existence and reputation of your products will be increased in the eyes of consumers. It is widely used by large companies but can also be effective for small businesses if they can. Unfortunately, this tends to be an ongoing process and the cost is quite expensive.
- The Services Consumer
peluang usaha online By providing customer service section is important for all entrepreneurs. If not enough resources, the business owner can concurrently this position. Importantly, complaints and customer satisfaction can be detected. But be careful, the way consumers communicate with customer service can make or destroy a corporate image.
- Network
Develop a network can lead to increased consumer. The trick, you can get to the show or join in an association. In an association you can share experiences and seek new ideas.
2. Cash Flow
Cash flow is smooth and healthy is sometimes more important than the turnover in a newly established business. You should be able to adjust the balance between incoming and outgoing cash flow. The cash flows are not balanced can give unpleasant surprises in the future of your business. One is the lack of funds to pay employees, pay late credit to the bank to less funds to pay taxes. Surprises like this are usually destroy your business slowly. A good idea to plan expenditure and income in one or two months in advance, so that if there is a surprise in the middle of the road you still have time to bisnis internet  ........

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In this discussion, we will explain how to find a good domain name for SEO. Domain containing the SEO will make your website will become easier for SEO optimization AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
Choosing a website domain name is essential that the most crucial for those who want to make it a good site for personal or business purposes. SEO Friendly Domain names which can facilitate you to capture traffic from Search Engines. Therefore, the domain name that is SEO friendly can increase your blog traffic.
Here we will convey some ways looking for a good domain for SEO: Analyzing Keywords to obtain a good domain for SEO
To obtain the best keywords, one way is to analyze these keywords. Then from the best keywords from the results of the analysis, we try to use to create the domain name. That way, Google will easily recognize our website later because the domain name already SEO Friendly. Please read the article "Analyzing Keywords for SEO your website" to get the best keywords and SEO friendly. Meets Standard Good Domain peluang usaha online murah .
What is a good domain Standard? A good domain is a domain with a range of considerations ranging from the brand in terms of business / company and in terms of SEO. Domains are standardized, it will be easier than the optimized domains carelessly.
The following considerations for a good domain memillih

Short, short domain name is always good to use and it will be easier in the optimization.

Easy to remember, look for a domain that is easy to remember, you will build the brand more easily and quickly.

TLD. Com - if not to build a web of non-profit institutions, universities or government, it is always better to use dot com.

Easier typed - with a name that you can easily typed ensure prospective visitors who want to visit your blog, snagged another blog.

Avoid hyphens (-), long names and using numbers.

Avoiding the word pronunciation is almost the same, are like a designer and designers.
Using Keywords Selected as a Domain Name
After obtaining the keywords you want and understand the terms of a good domain, then it is time to try to use these keywords as a domain name. All you have to do is as follows:

Pick a few key words to search the best
Try to cluster the keywords into a domain name.
For example, the keyword batik, the highest search: batik, Batik Pekalongan, batik solo, Indonesian batik, batik modern, batik robe of
We could have crafted it into a domain name like, etc.
Test domain name, if it is still available or not Open website, then enter the domain name in the search field and press Enter
On the search results page on Domain Buying Options box, you investasi online can see the domain available.
Try to get a domain with the suffix. COM
If the domain name is not available, please check for other keywords. Repeat until getting the best domain name.
Select Brand Name or SEO
Sometimes when choosing a domain name we are faced with the choice of whether to use the domain name or pursuing SEO. We always recommend to select them according to the purpose of making a website.
If you want to introduce your brand to the internet then you should choose a domain name based on the name of brand / company you. The consequence was a struggle to get traffic with SEO heavier because there are no keywords in the domain name. So, you have to find another way eg advertising campaign, promotion through social media, offline promos etc..
If you are more concerned with sales turnover then you should choose a domain based SEO. Hope choose a domain that is SEO Friendly get traffic from search engines as much as possible (which is actually free), thereby reducing the need for expensive promotional costs. The greater the traffic, the higher the turnover obtained. Along with the traffic / visitors are more and more, you start a brand known. This method is very suitable for small companies, SMEs, or individuals who first foray in the world of internet AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
Another way is that you have two websites one for branding, sendangkan others for sale then you connect the two websites.
Thus our explanation about finding a good domain for SEO from us may be useful. If you want to ask or consult on your website please contact us

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How To Make A Website of Free Blog

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Perhaps here there is a direct mmau complain that the blog was not travel pulau tidung the same as the website . Actually this kind need not fuss because you basically will create pages that can be accessed in the virtual world .... Blogs is nothing other than a website with a limited function ....

To create a website from a free blog , then first of all you need to create your blog account . Learn how to make it in the article HOW TO BLOG . Please do the stages that exist in the article carefully .
After your blog so please find the blog template which you sense enough to represent a character or business brother . To find a template that fits your taste please read the article AND COOL BLOG TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD FREE
If you 've downloaded the template blog that you like, please attach the template on your blog today . Read the article HOW TO CHANGE TEMPLATE BLOG
Now you have a blog that will be your simple website . But if you have little understanding of programming , then you should continue to be SEO Friendly template editing . Learn how in the article HOW TO MAKE A BLOG TEMPLATE SEO FRIENDLY
Once you have completed the last stage of the above , then you 're done making this simple website , all you have to do now just fill out the articles in this simple website .... ( Read on HOW TO ARTICLES IN BLOGGER ) ...
Once you have investasi online murah finished making the website of blog for free , then it is time to replace the domain becomes . Com
Changing Domain So . COMBecause you are using a free blog , then obviously you do not need hosting . You only need a domain name . For your convenience I have provided practical inputs alone .... You can googling to find a hosting provider and domain name , and contact Customer its service and tell that you just want to buy a domain name .... More CS which will direct you ....
If I myself have tried PACKAGE COOL from , which is specific to turn a blog into a domain . Com own . Usually this kind of service will ask for your email and password so that they can help you organize your blog domain account ....
If you have trust issues , then you should change your password once for a while . Read how in the article HOW TO CHANGE PASSWORD GMAIL pulau tidung bahari

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Just like in the real world gambling

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This company is an American company with offices in 15 W. Hubat 3E , Chicago , IL 6060 USA . offer an affiliate program for you , this site has over 2000 pulau pari murah merchants that you can promote and benefit from a link that is in place in the web / blog anda.Seperti I described earlier under affiliate marketing program is one of the internet programs can make money without the need to have a product that you sell . Just like other affiliate program you will earn a percentage of the sale .
The affiliate company must apply pertaruran obeyed , which you are not allowed to register more than one account but can use a single account to multiple domains .

The continued development of Internet technology , is growing also how to make money via the Internet . This time we will discuss about online gambling is increasingly prevalent in today's virtual world . The basic concept is almost similar to gambling online gambling - gambling that we usually encounter in real life . However there are some differences that must be considered by a new player who wants to try his luck through online gambling . For example, the deposit of funds required some sort of process transactions through a tool that we can use to bet that we will play . Withdrawal of pulau pari funds is also quite similar to the deposit of funds , namely by using a transaction ( the bank ) .
Until now many parties which provide services primarily in the field of online gambling agency . Agent online gambling serves as an intermediary in a game that will we choose as a bet . For the problem of its kind , has been growing so rapidly , ranging from online card gambling , poker and even various types of sports on television including football , the most popular sport in Indonesia , can stake through an online football gambling agent .
Long face look AgenBola855.comOne of the online gambling agent is AgenBola855 . AgenBola855 provides a wide range of products online gambling services , so the type of game can also be tailored to the tastes of players . AgenBola855 have affiliation with various other agents to facilitate the players in choosing the type of bet and so on , one of which is SBOBET , gambling agents that are popular today . They also provide various other services as the main support services , such as live scores information that allows users to check the score of the game in which they bet so players no longer trouble searching for information related to the score again . Other support services that are customer services 24 hours , so it is easy for users to contact relevant agencies if there is a specific problem or question . Not many agents that have similar customer services facility for 24 hours straight .
Another convenience is the user can register via sms to facilitate the process pulau pari of registration of players . The minimum deposit is USD . Withdraw minimum 50,000 and Rp . 200,000 . With the guide include how to play , new players do not need to bother again must learn from websites or other resources . To be able to play online gambling in AgenBola855 , users must register first by filling in a few fields of information including account information is held in order to process deposit and withdraw later on . For more information about the rules in AgenBola855 , please click here .
Until now , AgenBola855 using 3 different banks as a means of transaction , ie Mandiri , BCA and BNI . To make a deal , players are encouraged to do so when the bank is online because there will be a delay or postponement if the players do transactions at the bank while being offline . Until now , the AgenBola855 not provide a backup tool which can process payment transactions for 24 hours straight because they use the services of local Indonesian banks . Maybe at a later date , the transaction AgenBola855 can provide backup tool such as Paypal , LR or other online payment processing that can be used for the bank is offline .
Just like in the real world gambling , online gambling site also has risks that should be known to the players . There are in the process of winning and losing the game , and advised players play rationally and understand any risk of any kind of game . By understanding the risks , players can gain maximum benefit with minimum losses . Good luck and hopefully useful toko online.

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Maintaining health for most people eyang djati ampuh regarded as something that is expensive and unnecessary . Most people realize the meaning of health after experiencing severe pain , where everything is too late . When severe pain all the treasure sacrificed to regain health once ignored .
Stroke , Coronary Heart Disease , Diabetes , Cancer , Kidney Failure , Hypertension , Hepatitis is a degenerative disease that makes the patient can no longer work productively . Penyakikit caused by degenerative lifestyle health understatement . The habit of eating fatty foods , fried foods, high sugar content , contain preservatives , sweeteners . And followed with a mind full of stress and rarely exercise into the street that leads to the deadly disease .If you or your family are experiencing the above diseases would certainly seek medical treatment first. Any expensive medical expenses will be paid reluctantly . And if economically feasible, you will seek treatment abroad . Treatment abroad are not guaranteed 100 % successful . If that fails sought recourse to alternative medicine . Various alternative treatment will be tested with results too speculative . All types of treatment will be layanan pengobatan alternatif meaningless if you find out too late because of your illness .
All efforts become futile if late ! !Organs are severely damaged beyond repair !
Organs are not spare parts car that can be bought in store and replaced easily . Organ transplants are also not something that is cheap and easy to do .
" Treatment of late done is worth - and it 's useless . "
By the time most people are willing to healthy bodies spend money to eat and drink delicious , cruise , new clothes , bags , shoes , cars , and other secondary needs . In a state of " feeling " healthy there is not the slightest desire to maintain health by investing in health such as healthy lifestyle , regular health checks and promptly treated if detected the presence of disease or abnormality .pengobatan alternatif tradisional Health care is always seen as a very expensive , not necessary and could be delayed .
Physical health is always ignored especially mental health . Though mental health can not be ignored. Mental irregularities such as STRESS , DEPRESSION EMOTION and could result in physical health such as hypertension , sexual dysfunction , insomnia , heart palpitations , Constipation , Diabetes , Stomach Acid , Vertigo , migrants , ulcers , psychosomatic symptoms .

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SEO is probably the thing that is not easy

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In the post super full time , I want to talk about how to SEO a website and blog seo correct way to make a single ranking in Google ( or at least the top four ) . : D

I know SEO is probably the thing that is not easy ( maybe even intimidating ) for most of you remember the many who need to learn
Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online ...
Five years ago when I used to be just starting out , for my own SEO it did seem a bit mysterious .
But after a few years to create a website , its me - ranking , and has its own system to get high rankings in google continuously , I understand there was science behind search engine optimization .
Before I begin with a lengthy explanation of how me to download my websites SEO and ranking making one ( or at least the last four pages ) on Google , I would like to make a disclaimer first ...
That by following the guidelines that I write this , I am NOT GUARANTEE you could get high rankings in Google .
how seo website
The results you'll get will depend on your experience , your instincts , your knowledge , and money you have in your pocket to buy things that are needed to be able to rank high in Google ( yups , SOMETIMES SEO is not free ) .
And that even though I 've tried my best to provide any information as to post this , I still rather this is NOT an SEO expert knows everything .
Risks to use the information in this page 100 % in your hands .
And with that disclaimer , let's start the guide ...How to SEO Website & Blog Ala Syamsul Alam
SEO guide us in this time , I will talk about my style of SEO techniques .
And honestly , I was middling complex technique - you may not understand some of the many terms in this guide , and process optimization which I always do my keyword research based on strong , so do not carelessly optimization .
Broadly speaking , this is what I usually do :

Keyword Research , find keywords with high search potential and low to moderate competition , the determination of the primary keywords and keywords support , then make a priority .
On Site SEO , website creation process with a structure based on the results of keyword research , installation Optimized WordPress theme well , laying SEO elements such as title tags , header tags , and others related to the main keyword on the site .
Off Site SEO , the process of building backlinks and domain authority , which include building a social profile on the popular social sites , social bookmarking , purchase high PR backlinks , and the use of mass backlinks
Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online.
And yups , that's three things that will be discussed in our post this time ...# 1 Keyword Research For High Rank Foundation
The first thing you should realize is that you must first CHOOSE keywords , keywords which you want your site ranking high in Google .
learn seo website
From the beginning you have to understand it clearly , KEYWORD WHAT would you seek and you will make as a main keyword for your site .
You CAN NOT rank for all the keywords that you want .
Resources are limited, while the keywords you want to rank for your site may be very much higher , so you have to CHOOSE a few keywords as your initial target .
And most people do not even know they should have targeted keywords for ...
If you already have for targeted keywords , you have survived better than 50 % of internet marketers out there .
So , think carefully beforehand about the site you want to make about what , what purpose , who the person that you seek , and what about the keywords that potential visitors will be typed by you in the search engines .
Example : You want to create a website to promote training and coaching business noodle making your own chicken noodle , then the people you're looking for is :

Employees who are interested in the business side ,
Students ,
Entrepreneurs who want to grow the business ,
Housewives who are interested in a side business selling noodles on the home page ,
and others.

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Finding a good deal of free online not easy as it used online today . With some many websites popping up claiming to give free stuff , Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online

it's hard to know which sites actually offer a product for free .

We have a few tricks for you to figure out how to make sure you are going to the correct sites to get free stuff . First you will want to make sure that the site is trustworthy and will actually give you free stuffl . You can do this several different ways , the first way is to look for testimonials site make sure people are happy with the overall experience on the web site . Another way is to type the name of the site in search engines and read what comes up . If you do not see anything negative about the website most likely it is a good site and you are good to go .

Many people who claim to have a free day deal , just take the steps above before you search for free deal and you should be able to actually find a few things for free online .

If you take all the steps mentioned above you should have a better chance to find a good deal online for free . Also another good way to find free stuff is to listen to your local news stations , news stations helped many people out today with a list of what websites have free transactions both online now . by doing you will most likely see a website like free laptop on there website and you then know you go to a trusted site .

Just additional information , you may also be interested in the article but Cheap Happy First Call .
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Tuesday 25 de June de 2013
10 ways to make better decisions

Our lives are filled with decisions . Ranging from small to big changes that affect their lives . The choice depends on the identity of each of us . But sometimes , we just decided to crash . As a result , self-monitoring , but not happy or sad . And scientific principles to help me .

While most of us do not realize the emotional process behind the decision. Fortunately what psychologists and neurobiology research can help us decide better . Here is a lot of amazing discoveries . We were told to help your decision .

1 Do not fear the results will follow .

Whether it's a choice between a new car and a bigger house . Or better to be married . Almost all of our decisions related to the future assessment . We imagine that chose to make us feel normal , we tend to think that the option , which will make us the most happy . The issue of assessing the sense that we also expect not good enough .

Normal people tend to evaluate the effect of the results of both good and poor increased . " The result is a fun event , most of which will fade and shorter than most people imagine , " Daniel Gilbert , a psychologist at Harvard University , and say this is the truth in all things , whether small . like going to a restaurant . Or like a big job .

Important factors that cause us to judge which is not good . Loss aversion . Or the belief that water loss is more painful than not well received . But Gilbert Ritchie that although loss aversion will affect the choice . But when I lost it . Back pain is much less than anticipated .

So instead of dimming the results that will make us feel . Try to find someone like me to see how he feels . Do not forget that no matter what the future will be like . It might make us happier or less happy than we thought it would be .

2 believe your own instincts .

Although we tend to believe that a good decision , but sometimes it takes decisions by instinct , I have the same thing , if not better than Janeane . Willis and Alexander . Tony Bancroft songs from Princeton University found . We can judge . Reliability aggressive charm and fun of the people within milli seconds to see new faces . When searching for a long time until one second . The researchers found that the observer can not review their comments .Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online

But greater confidence that the decision directly .

Of course , the information that can help us to improve the site Lange as discount . See the strange contradictory , but sometimes even a lot of information . We trust their own instincts .

Up Offa West Aarhus University in the Netherlands found that Bowdler ribbon . Time to buy simple clothes . Buyers are much more satisfied with their decision to have two to three weeks after weighing other options later . But for more complex purchases such as furniture , people end up believing their own instincts more than happy .

Offa West Hussein concluded that decisions by intuition is also adapted to work well with others , such as in-store purchases . Management and politics .

I also contributed three .

You might think that emotion is the enemy of the decision . But this fact is critical atmosphere . Every time you decide . Big systems Lim or emotional control center of the brain that work in Antonio da machi Neurobiology , University of Southern California . Studies of the brain control emotional damage . And found that they were not able to get a hit . Such as what to wear or eat anything . Adama Paseo assumed that this is because our brains store memories , a sense of choice in the past . We decided to let the current perception .

However , under the influence of emotional selection may affect the results dramatically . See anger as an example . The study , by Niti Ka . Garden of the University of Mississippi and Jeffrey came and Comcast sensitivity limits of Tulsa University of Pittsburgh found that consumers are angry tend to choose the first thing they have to offer , rather than considering other options . Our anger may seem hasty and selfish at risk .

All thoughts and emotions affect our motivation . lowongan kerja Avoid major decisions under the influence of emotion . Surprisingly , however , the mood is one that allows us to choose well . American researchers found that depression is considering various options and ultimately choose the best . Some studies show that receiving depression as possible the real world . Psychologists call this behavior as run the depressive realism .

4 learning its own investigation .

Never argue with someone with Frank and frustrated because they took the evidence to support the opinion of myself and do not know what is on hand . It is itself a favor to everyone . This bias becomes a problem if we believe that the decision to consider various options . But the fact that we have a lot we want to justify it .

To be a good decision . You have to do more than rely on facts and figures like best . Found evidence that proves that you are wrong . It is a painful thing . " I realize that we may be honest , it's not good enough , " Raymond K. Koenig Anderson, a psychologist at Tufts University , said : " I acknowledge that this bias . And we are all under the influence it would be a good thing , " we may look to support themselves with less and less care .

5 Do not believe anything easily .

Our decisions can sometimes stick to the facts and figures that are not relevant . The traditional theory , proposed in the literature . " It tends to take an early decision " on Daphne comes with Amos . Vale de Ski ask study participants to estimate the percentage of African countries in the United Nations to answer the questions they have to spin the wheel , with numbers ranging from zero to 100 , indicating that the numbers are higher or lower . Participants did not know the wheel is set to stop at number ten , or 65 , is not about numbers . But the answer to the surprising result . On average , participants answered a number ten can spin the wheel to provide about 25 percent of the people who turn the wheels have 65 numbers that 45 percent seems the answer is much less with the numbers on the wheel .

This same happens every time we see the word " discount " in the original price , which serves as the primary data , as opposed to the cheaper . The fact that expensive anyway . We will overcome this tendency , how " hard " Tom Chi Lovina Beach psychologist at the University of Cornell , said the strategy is to create your initial balance . But it also has problems . " Because you do not know how to get the effect of the initial data . 's Information is difficult to compensate. "

6 Beware of social pressure .

You may have seen themselves as a company that is not susceptible to anything. But none of them are free of social pressure on experiments at Stanford University in 2514 , Ford had to stop when a student who has been assigned the role of Warden of persecution psychology students . This group plays a prisoner . Other studies have shown that groups of people . With the same ideas tend to be persuaded to do something extreme .

To avoid the negative influence of social pressure to do . If you suspect that we are going to decide I think that's what the boss wants to think if you are a member of a group or offer cool deal . Do not assume that the group knows best . And if all parties agree . So as the final opponent into a situation where you have less responsibility . It is very possible . You can choose unaccountably

Sometimes , social pressure may be a good thing . Researchers at the University of Arizona to find the support options that are friendly to the environment . By placing a paper written in a hotel room invites guests to reuse towels as a reason for future generations or the environment most visitors do . The motivation is to make the most visitors than all the other 30 percent .

7 of the others .

" Tend to think " on the options presented by our twisted to explain why we bought snacks " 90 percent fat free" instead of buying that type. " Percent fat " , we like choices involving offensive and options related to the death . Another factor is that we see the selection as part of the overall look or modular .

Research published last year in 2549 , Benedict de Otto Di Martino and Ray Dolan of University College London , MLB RIA scanners detect brain responses tend to think it is . section and find a lot of activity going on Amusement Park in the center of Guadalajara , a part of the brain controlling emotion . When one person associated with the information that came early . It's hard to convince people that there is a lot of activity in the brain as well . But they know my first response got better by creating a link to the cerebral cortex , the front of the socket and the center , which is part of the brain that connects deeply with amino A. Mandala and parts . Other related idea is the use of reason . The brain tends to disintegrate in a hurry.

Di Martino said we can not ignore this data is not possible . It is important to know that we have a bias there . There is evidence that experience and education are better able to withstand this bias . But the simple steps to avoid it . Consider your choice of more than one angle .

8 Do not complain about the past .

This sounds familiar photo . You put in the closet is not set , but refused to go because they buy it . The driving force behind this bad decision error called sunk costs .

During the 1980s , investasi online researchers from Ohio State University suggests that we think is easily fooled . With the students to imagine that a ski holiday tour is priced at $ 100, then go look for another tour costs 50 dollars , which is cheaper accommodation and better . But be aware that the two were on the same tour , day trips paid Surprisingly , most students choose a tour that attracted more sensitive but more expensive because it is too expensive .

The reason for the choice is that the more we invest more flavor . Compliance with it . Investment is balance . Who have never had to endure a boring book to finish . I always remind myself that the past is the past . If you see something that should not end up in the initiative may not be ideal to do next .

9 choices are limited .

You might think that a better option . But try this case . Satisfied with their choice of chocolate from a choice of five different types to choose from more than 30 types of psychologist from Columbia University , where research on the paradox of choice says that even if we think there is a better option than most . But often little better .

Other options require you to use their skills to process more data . Invited to confusion . I took a chance and made ​​a mistake . So you may feel quite satisfied . For fear that they would lose the opportunity to better

The paradox of choice may be more severe effects on each other in particular . " Those who have the most " or discriminating all of the options before deciding to " just do it " or have a tendency to choose the first option that meets their needs will be minimal disruption . " If you intend to find a " good enough " pressure many are eliminated , and the burden of choosing just what options are limited , it becomes an easier task management " Barry Beach warts . Psychologists from the University of Northern Lights Paris Moss said .

So , instead of looking for my dream camera . Ask friends if they prefer a camera that uses a camera , might make you satisfied with g quartz telling them to limit some options .

10 others to choose from .

We tend to believe that there will be more than happy if you decide for yourself . But whatever the outcome , however , sometimes the decision will be left feeling satisfied , if so , it might be better if the control

Last year at Cornell University Bottineau Mona and Anne Mac Gill University of Chicago . Published a series of experiments investigating the concept . By allowing users to choose from a number of test pieces and routed blank . When asked to identify the level of satisfaction with the outcome . And asked how it feels with the decision. Anyone with less than I was advised to choose .

Investigators established that reason is not an achievement to lift themselves even end up with a better option . But he still felt oppressed by the thought that he might not be the best choice . Even those who choose to have a bit of information . Not much to be responsible for the results . But it would be more comfortable if others choose to .

Bottineau and Max Gill believes that these findings have implications for a broad indication of any decision that may have little or no flavor . For example . I let others choose wine during dinner . " We adhere to the option . And it is believed to bring happiness . , But sometimes it is not " the ACC said Gill .

Monday, December 2, 2013

bagaimana cara memilih template blog yang SEO friendly

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This time Doodey blog will discuss about how to choose a blog template that is SEO friendly . I was still a newbie blogger who is just learning about SEO blogspot , but I also want to divide the sciences to other bloggers who are also still pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar  a newbie like me . Hope can learn equally ya ! hehe ...
Here's a few tips from me . Listen well yes ... :)
For me , this is a fairly important thing to support our effectiveness in learning SEO , I 've never discussed before about optimization learn seo for beginners who lined up in the standard points . Once we apply the points in the article in any blog of course we need a template , the template now how good for us especially for lovers of search engine optimization ought to be very careful in your selection.
There are several points which we will study here , and still very basic because it is a special beginner of beginners as well , just like me . :)
display TemplatesNotice how it looks, the better you choose a template that is away from the use of many images , because with the increasing number of images in the template the more it will take a long time loading alias heavy and will add weight to our blog later . I choose the suggestion from a simple obat aborsi template , not a lot of pictures and fast loading .
Also, do not use too much java script , particularly in the sidebar column . With the use of java script too much so can all make our blog loading becomes increasingly severe . Do not want it we love this blog left by visitors simply because " lola " ( slow loading ) ? ? Well , of course all will think so . So , try not to use too much java script on your blog .
If possible it uses java script on your blog should not be removed ( usually a java script for the essentials elements ) , you can compress java script code it first . How to compress java script can be read here !
Template Code StructureIn the template of course there are many codes that make us dizzy . Instead of having to read and understand the code one by one, you just need to understand a few, such as the placement of tags h1 , h2 , h3 and so on .
From a variety of sources that I can it would be nice if we choose h1 tag template mempuyai was only 1 , not to be repeated several times , for example, h1 tags are the title of his blog , then the blog post title much better use h2 tag . H2 tags may be repeated a number of times equal to the H3 tag and so on .
If the title of the blog is already using h1 and h2 title of the posting on the structure of the template code you will regularly and consecutively starting from the number 1 and so on . That way it is in conformity with the rules of the search engine robots from indexing it with the usual sequential succession .
Valid Code TemplatesMaybe for the wordpress platform has a lot of templates that alat bantu sex are created have its valid css and xhtml structure , but unfortunately for blogspot very hard to find a valid template . It should also be noticed by us , choose smart because with valid code templates we use it will assist us in learning SEO optimization .
If we can understand some of the basic points in choosing a seo friendly template above, could have been or are likely to be favored by our blog search engine robots , and usually the template providers have memampang information about the template that he suguhkan whether it is valid and others .
I Hope you are smart in determining a choice , and do not often bergonta template because it is not favored by search engines . Hopefully well be useful as a handle .
So first of my yes , may be useful .
Oiya , if there may be other feedback discussed this time , just enter your feedback in the comment box . Thank you . :