Friday, December 20, 2013

How To Make A Website of Free Blog

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Perhaps here there is a direct mmau complain that the blog was not travel pulau tidung the same as the website . Actually this kind need not fuss because you basically will create pages that can be accessed in the virtual world .... Blogs is nothing other than a website with a limited function ....

To create a website from a free blog , then first of all you need to create your blog account . Learn how to make it in the article HOW TO BLOG . Please do the stages that exist in the article carefully .
After your blog so please find the blog template which you sense enough to represent a character or business brother . To find a template that fits your taste please read the article AND COOL BLOG TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD FREE
If you 've downloaded the template blog that you like, please attach the template on your blog today . Read the article HOW TO CHANGE TEMPLATE BLOG
Now you have a blog that will be your simple website . But if you have little understanding of programming , then you should continue to be SEO Friendly template editing . Learn how in the article HOW TO MAKE A BLOG TEMPLATE SEO FRIENDLY
Once you have completed the last stage of the above , then you 're done making this simple website , all you have to do now just fill out the articles in this simple website .... ( Read on HOW TO ARTICLES IN BLOGGER ) ...
Once you have investasi online murah finished making the website of blog for free , then it is time to replace the domain becomes . Com
Changing Domain So . COMBecause you are using a free blog , then obviously you do not need hosting . You only need a domain name . For your convenience I have provided practical inputs alone .... You can googling to find a hosting provider and domain name , and contact Customer its service and tell that you just want to buy a domain name .... More CS which will direct you ....
If I myself have tried PACKAGE COOL from , which is specific to turn a blog into a domain . Com own . Usually this kind of service will ask for your email and password so that they can help you organize your blog domain account ....
If you have trust issues , then you should change your password once for a while . Read how in the article HOW TO CHANGE PASSWORD GMAIL pulau tidung bahari


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