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Gecko animal is a cannibal

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 Gecko animal is a cannibal , so if he's gathered so one cage , and was hungry , he is cannibalistic . He has a strong guideline whom he has won, so there is a law of the jungle here . So my advice 1 1 gecko cage . So that no food competition .
Geckos Easy Stress , And Because
Pulau Pramuka geckos are easily stressed , so once placed in the stable , not moved and moved again either gecko cage . The goal that geckos do not stress , consequently he will not fond of eating . Sebenarya dead gecko , the average stress . Because when I first lot were dead .
Laying cages in a suitable place . Try the place out , this was possible under the tree . The goal was to remain in the wild .
Adaptation of gecko captured and entered the cage . Usually gecko will not eat for 2 weeks ato even more . But if the cage is made of wood , adaptation will be faster . So I suggest a cage made ​​of wood .
The purpose of separating per cage . That is so not spawn ato gecko breed . Because my main goal is to raise not cultivate .
For a free cage . The requirement must be of wood , and a bit dark . Madsutnya dark all closed except the door using wire streaming . And try to max 2 tailed gecko in 1 enclosure . If I use the former in place of a wooden wardrobe , I modif with door using wire streaming .
For food . Insects are food gecko . It will stimulate the gecko becomes larger . In this case can use crickets / Kroto as food tokek.Untuk increase in a few ounces of it depends on many factors , try not to stress the gecko feel it wrote . cage made ​​as comfortable as possible .
How to hold . Geckos are a little scary . usually holds the position of the back , and target his head , not the tail , because he will release his tail if held , like a lizard . do if bitten , flush mouth with warm water ato , switch gigitanya with a rather soft object eg cloth .
That said, the bird's nest soup would make a person live longer . Ancient Chinese society believe that they are descendants of emperors and gods can live up to ten thousand years . Even so , in fact, they still want to take advantage of swallow nest for the emperor 's health .
When the swallow nest was first disco
Wisata Pulau Parivered , probably no one ever thought that it would a very high economic value . Bird's nest is in fact expected to have tremendous benefits for human health . Apparently, swallow bird makes its nest by using a thick saliva . When exposed to air , saliva is finally dry up and form a nest . The unique concept of the nests by the birds' .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

weeding plants

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weeding plants

Weeding is done 2 weeks. Weeding on young corn plants can be by hand or small hoe , forks etc. . Weeding should not disturb plant roots are at that age are
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 still not strong enough gripping the ground then performed after 15 days old plants .
Pembumbunan plant
Pembumbunan performed in conjunction with the weeding to strengthen the position of the stem so that the plant does not easily fall down and shut roots emerging above the soil surface due to aeration . Performed 6 weeks after planting , fertilizing at the same time . Land on the right and left rows diuruk plants with a hoe , then dumped in row crops . In this way will form elongated ridges .
Irrigation and Watering plants

Once the seed is planted , watering taste , unless the soil has been moist , aim to keep the plants fresh . But ahead of flowering plants , the larger the required water so that the water needs to be drained in the trenches between bumbunan corn plants .
Pests of plantsa. Flies seeds ( Atherigona exigua Stein )Control should be done- Simultaneous planting and application of crop rotation .- Plants attacked and destroyed immediately revoked .- Sanitation garden .- Spray with PESTONA
b . Lawn caterpillars
Symptoms : plants cut off a few inches above the ground , marked with bite marks on the stem , consequently young plant collapsed .Control is done- Simultaneous cropping or crop rotation- Find and kill the caterpillars ( usually found in the soil )- Spray PESTONA , VITURA or VIREXI .
Diseases in plants

LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA a. Downy mildew ( Downy mildew )Symptoms: The leaves change color to yellow , the affected areas suffered decay , eventually withered plants , plant growth becomes stunted or dead . Cause : flies seeds with traits flies gray color , the color of greenish yellow striped back , abdomen yellowish brown color , color pearl white eggs , and flies 3-3.5 mm long .

Saturday, May 10, 2014

According Siagian, Pasaribu, and Sohirin

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According Siagian, Pasaribu, and Sohirin (2001), the adoption of the right to shorten the TBM for 6 months or boost growth to 30%. Cost nurturing rankedAgen Casino Online the first TBM compared with other maintenance costs, since the adoption requires careful preparation and program. Crop response to fertilization at the time of TBM far greater than in the TM.
Fertilizing should be done 1-3 days after the bowls kecrok. The intent is for the land to be used as manure cover not heaped holes in the canopy ring that was made for rain water erosion.
Cost nurturing ranked the second after harvest costs. Costs tend to foster more expensive, but still should be implemented because it was proved that the adoption of the TBM can boost growth to 30% and the CE is able to increase production to 24% (Istianto and Nugroho, 2009).
Its management Branching The rubber plant, branching system is very influential on the growth of crops. Induction of sprouting and branching of one, can cause a late crop reaches maturity criteria tapped, terpaan sensitive to wind, and the level of weed growth in irrigated acreage is high enough.
In the rubber plant branching Its management, recognized two important events namely the induction of sprouting and branching.
1. Sprouting (prunning) According Siagian, et al. (2001), is the activity of removing buds sprouting branches and buds that grow from the rootstock during the 2.8 to 3.0 meters. The purpose of doing sprouting is to get the area smooth and well tapped. Buds removed until no
Agen Judi Online more container left and done as early as possible on when the network is not mengayu ie age 2-4 weeks from the beginning of the growth of buds.
Rubber plant native to Brazil. This plant is the main source of natural rubber material world. As a producer of latex, rubber plant is the only one who dikebunkan massively. The foreign exchange generated from rubber komditas is big enough.