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standard of competence

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standard of competence Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia 1 . Understanding the nature of the nation and the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia )Basic competence1.4 . Shows the spirit of nationality , nationalism and patriotism in the society , nation and state .
A. Objectives Learning Activities1 . Describe the meaning of nationalism .2 . Describe the meaning of patriotism .3 . Outlining the various embodiments of nationalism in life .4 . Shows examples of behavior in accordance with the spirit of nationalism .5 . Showed positive attitudes toward patriotism Indonesia in the reform era .
B. Topic1 . Meaning Nsionalisme . Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya2 . Meaning of Patriotism .3 . Various embodiments of nationalism in life .4 . The procedure for application of nationalism and patriotism in life .
C. Description Topicv Meaning of NationalismNsionalisme meaning is the awareness of the spirit of patriotism , have a sense of nationhood , maintain the honor of the nation . Nationalism also has the meaning of unity and oneness .Nationalism , it is understood that creating and maintaining the sovereignty of a State (nation ) .Nationalism is the mental attitude and the behavior of individuals or society as a show of loyalty or devotion to the nation and the high country regardless of ethnicity, race , religion , and class .Understanding of nationalism can be distinguished , namely :1 . Nationalism in the narrow senseIs a feeling of pride to the nation that is deemed excessive that other nations lower , such understanding is called chauvinism . Example in Italy ( B. Mussolini ) , Japan ( Tenno Haika ) , Germany ( Adolf Hitler ) .2 . Nationalism in the broad sense

Superwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di IndonesiaIs a feeling of love and pride for the country and her people while respecting other nations , because they feel as part of other nations in the world . Examples of nationalism maintaining environmental balance , pay taxes , siskamling , etc. .
v Meaning of PatriotismPatriotism is the nature of heroism , courageous attitude , love of country , driven and self-sacrificing spirit , soul , and treasure for the sake of the nation and the State . The spirit of love of country or patriotism can be carried out either during war or peacetime emergency . Examples of fighting on the battlefield , contributed property during the war, volunteered to help in times of war wounded , uphold the law and the truth , eradicate ignorance through education , etc.
v Various embodiments of nationalism in the LifeThe spirit of nationalism or nationality can be applied within the family , school , community . Examples of hard work , the pursuit of ac Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia  hievement , pay taxes , obey the law , mutual cooperation , sincerity in helping the unfortunate , honest , responsible in carrying out the mandate , learn and work on time , always take the initiative in his favor , etc.
v The procedure for application of nationalism and patriotism in the lifePenrapan patritisme attitude can also be carried out in several areas of life as the core of the spirit of patriotism is love of country . To be able to apply patriotism is to be there to promote the public awareness on a personal and group interests .
v Other terms :· Jingoism , is a burning spirit to fight against other nations .· Chauvinism , which exalts his own nation and other nations degrading .· Imperialism , is at war with another nation with mendatangai , conquer , dominate , govern and colonize other nations .· Internationalism , is respect f Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya or other nations to govern themselves and for their own interests by not underestimate other nations .· Universalism , A nation is a part of a nation in the world , so that whatever happens in the world can bring influence to him ( nation , country )- See more at :


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