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Pest and disease control

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Pest and disease controlControl can be done either manually or with pesticides .
Harvest and Post- harvest
In harvesting to consider how making fruit / harvest in order to obtain good quality , for example by using a knife or scissors tool harve
Script Iklan Baris st . How to harvest properly and carefully to prevent damage to crops which can interfere with subsequent production .
Criteria for each harvest different types of vegetables each other and depending on the market . The larger pieces are not necessarily more expensive / behavior , even including criteria culled fruit so that the time of harvest and monitoring the production process need to be considered .
Post-harvest handling
Marketing products of hydroponic cultivation strongly influenced by post-harvest treatment . Standard production depends on the sales price or the least interesting products, especially seen from the appearance of the product ( shape , color , and size ) . Post-harvest treatment is very important because the quality of the product not solely of production only, but very tegantung and determined by post-harvest handling , packaging , preparation system , method and product selectivity pengangkutam . Damage can dikurangai products with proper post-harvest handling and is expected to increase the value added to the product being sold .
Other hydroponic advantage is not dependen
Jadwal Bola t on land and media containers ( pots ) even with a bottle of mineral former we can also hydroponics . Some of the other advantages that hydroponics , plants can grow more fertile because of the conditions and nutrients hydroponic growing media and maintained in such a way that set enough to meet the needs of the plant .
Advantages Simple HydroponicsAdvantages Simple Hydroponics
In terms of the psychological advantages and benefits of hydroponic hydroponics also give pleasure and satisfaction to see the plants that we planted flourish , especially if the plant vegetables would be useful because it can be consumed and thus save expenditure kitchen .Google1328 2 30 1456You may also be interested in :Hydroponics Plants - Benefits and superiorityHow Simple Hydroponic Growing in YardExamples of Plants Hydroponics - Easy and InexpensiveHydroponics - An Introduction

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