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20 Benefits of Apples The Rarely Known

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20 Benefits of Apples The Rarely KnownBenefits of Apples is amazing , this one besides the fruit has an attractive color and good flavor but contains nutrients that nourish theIddetik.com Forum terbesar di indonesia human body . Apples are known as fruit that has a tempting red color even though not all have red apples there are green , yellow , green and reddish yellow . Soft fruit skin easy to peel and flesh so hard that no sensation itself while chewing . Before entering the discussion of benefits of apples we should first read a brief history of apple and type.
Benefits of Apples
A Brief History of Growing ApplesSince 300 BC apples have started to be planted , when it was found in the apple -shaped dwarf asia region . Then brought to Europe were researched and developed to be cultivated . In the European region only apples picked in late autumn and stored at the site . According catatat , apple is the first fruit into agricultural crops .
types of ApplesApple itself has a variety of types but only 6 species most frequently encountered and consumed by a person , such as:

Yellow apples ( Golden Delicious ) comes from America , typically consumed for pies and applesauce made ​​.
Red apples ( Red Delicious ) are the most common type , either directly or on television because it has a seductive color .
Fuji apples ( Gala ) is a native of New Zealand apples that taste the freshest and sweetest apples
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Granny Smith seemed less familiar in the eyes of Indonesia , the fruit that comes from Australia has a sour taste , green color , medium-sized , usually made ​​for cooking .
Apples manalagi ( locally ) most often found in green
Poor apples ( local ) this one fruit chips made ​​by food entrepreneurs .
Benefits of ApplesCongratulations years - years of research on apple never ceased therefore new discoveries about the benefits of apples constantly updated . Curious as to what the benefits of this fruit ? Here's a collection of benefits that we managed to collect apples .
1 . Healthy Digestive TractThis study was not conducted directly on humans but on animals called rats . Created a special apple extract given to mice and the results are surprising . 43 % of mice given the extract of apple turns lower risk of colon cancer . If the effect of the extract in mice likely also affect humans .
2 . Healthy Woman breastsApple benefits of this one was to be one of hope for women who want to have healthy breasts . By eating apples on a regular basis then the female breast cancer can be prevented as early as possible .
3 . healthy HeartNot like " Heart Drugs " as the title song " Opick " but this is really - really can nourish you have liver or liver . Natural antioxidants in apples may be used to protect the liver against cancer .
4 . lowering CholesterolBy eating 2 apples every day has been trusted and proven to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood . Bad fats are not healthy for the body can be reduced by 16 % if the apples
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5 . Neutralize Blood Sugar LevelsDiabetes is the most frightening specter at this time , in contrast to 20-30 then where degenerative diseases are still very rare . Even today diabetes is a disease most often affects people with unhealthy behaviors . The good news though it turns out the apple has a sweet taste that can control blood sugar levels effectively , even though diabetes is caused due to hereditary factors . Equally we encountered when looking and observing Benefits of Honey .
6 . Lose WeightWant to look healthy , slim and gorgeous ? For women who want it you should consume apples every day on a regular basis due to the consumption of apples can intestinal digestion . Apple has fiber that can help the digestive process .
7 . Work Helps Small BowelDigestion is never separated from the small intestine as food processors and taking nutrients . Consumption of apples regularly can prevent constipation and other digestive disorders .
8 . Preventing senileThe content of quercetin in apples may protect brain was also from free radicals that cause Alzheimer 's disease al . The study was conducted by a well-known named Cornell University .
9 . Treating and Preventing AnemiaAnemia is a condition in which blood hemoglobin deficiency to increased iron intake back takes a very rich contained in apples .
10 . Restoring Stamina BodyFor someone who likes sports or being stressed makes lactic acid in the body increases . If not addressed it will interfere with the body's organs and health . Well, the apple contains potassium and enzymes that can relieve fatigue during exercise and reduces lactic acid in the body . Similarly, the benefits of eggs are very healthy for health stamina .benefits of Applesbenefits of Apples

11 . Restoring Body The DoldrumsYou are currently not fit , fresh , or are feeling lethargic limp limp . Apple should buy now in the shop for apple fruit can restore kelehaman body due to various factors . Honey well taken by patients who are recovering . Balance the body's health can be achieved by eating apples regularly.
12 . Caring for TeethIf you currently have a white healthy teeth glow should keep the condition by eating an apple every day . By eating an apple every day then your teeth will be always clean , bacteria and viruses destroyer gums and teeth can be removed with the consumption of apples .
13 . Caring HeartThe heart is a human life , if the heart is interrupted then one's life will also be affected . If you do not want to have problems in cardiovascular health should begin now consume apples every day .
14 . Prevent and treat arthritisNutritional content of apples has long been believed to cure

rheumatism . The disease is often called uric acid is often afflict the elderly . However , new - this new body if not taken care of with a healthy lifestyle 40s already affected by gout .
15 . Improve Skin HealthThe skin is a protective part of the human body and organs as well as beauty . For skin woman is a crown to be guarded his health . Fortunately apples contain nutrients that are good for the skin so that by eating an apple every day , it can nourish the skin to keep it beautiful and radiant . Not only the skin, but also the facial skin becomes healthier . Then not infrequently some people use apples as a way to get rid of acne and some of them also take advantage of the apple as a way to remove acne scars .
16 . Pressing Growing Cells In Lung Cancer - LungThis information is taken in a study involving 10,000 participants . All the participants reported drinking apple with a different number . Well , unique participants who consumed apples with more number is not at risk of lung cancer - lung as much as 50 % . It is still to be further investigated whether a substance called flavonoids , quercetin and other things that affect it . Just like Soursop Benefits that can treat all types of cancer .
17 . healthy EyesNight blindness is the most frightening specter for humans because it can reduce the sharpness of the sense of sight . If you felt it was not able to see the current focus of the evening should start now consume apples because Benefits Apples are believed to nourish the eyes again .
18 . Preventing and Treating ashmaApple juice is very much useful , fresh drinks are highly favored by children - children . New - recently been investigated if a child consumes apple juice every day it is not affected by the disease ashma . This respiratory disorder does not know can affect a person's age from the age of the child - children to adults though .
19 . Caring for Bones From Fragility ( Osteoporosis )Old age can not be avoided by all mankind , if this time a beautiful young and handsome while certainly experiencing old age wrinkles and brittle . For that we need the support of knowledge when old age comes . Fortunately, there is now the internet that makes people easily access any information one health information . New - This new research indicates that when
Pulau Parithe benefits of Apples can protect bone from fragility .
20 . Feeding the BrainIn addition to preventing the onset of Alzheimer 's disease Acetylcholine content in apples can be used to improve the intelligence of the brain . With regular apple mengkonsum brain memory will increase . So the books that are read by the consumption of apple every day would be completely absorbed and not easily forgotten .
That's the 20th benefit apples rarely known by people . Actually there are many other benefits of apples . We are sorry if there are any explanations and writing . We can not give a scientific source on the above discussion . Easy - I hope this short article can add to our knowledge all of the benefits of Apples .


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