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15 Tips Menulis Artikel SEO Friendly Ala Seorang Blogger

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Layanan SEO Murah Quality SEO blog is not only determined by the template , the global keyword selection , link building , or quality , although in the end these points are equally important , and yet I can say it will be in vain if we do not think about the content , or in this case , blog articles . Blog articles is the main menu , which should be considered in advance exceeds the others . Useless you have a wide range of SEO tricks that have been and are ready to be launched , but your blog does not have sufficient articles to the SEO execution .

In addition , a wealth of natural keyword is not actually located in the meta description , title , and the parts are forced to reproduce the keyword , because it can actually hurt the SEO blog . Keywords natural wealth thus acquired from various combinations of content articles ; getting good article , quality , and attention to many important aspects of SEO , the keyword rich natural variation blog.

Based on the above arguments , we can see that the blog posts have significant differences with other types of articles . A writer could have made such a long article with the content that is very clear , straightforward , touching , creative , descriptive , informative , solution-based , analogical , metaphorical , lilting and so on . But of course he could not write a blog article . Why ? Because there is one point that has not been touched : the SEO article . This is what distinguishes you , I as the author of the blog ( blogger ) and other media writers .

Course blog articles should still give full attention to the reader , provide solutions , entertaining , informative , and uphold the principles of authorship , but can not be separated from the context of SEO , where we fight for quality articles pusat iklan baris written order to appear well in the SERP , so it was worth it .

Here are some tips in the blog article writing process that takes into account the aspects of SEO

A. The things that need to Do Before Posting / Article Writing Blog
At this stage , do not open any equipment to write , do not open MS word , notepad , or post editor in the dashboard . There comes a time , but not now .

1 . Choosing the right topic
Choosing a topic post is one important aspect that can not be underestimated . This outline : if you want the most sought-after topic , then you must specify the desired topic readers . This does not mean you are free from the niche or field of authorship that you like , but the topic is chosen ( at least for the moment) has a value or values ​​for readers who want it .

It would be great if the chosen topic can last a long time and even an " eternal topic " . The main requirement is that the article must be unique and original . So that the reader will only , at least within a certain time , have a discussion or solution on the topic only in your article . Although the topic you select is the same with some other blog posts , you have to determine that what is in your article different from the others . This is called a unique and original . You have something to offer that others do not , you 've got something to give that others do not have it .

2 . Perform analysis of the competition
Always pay attention to what competitors blogs , ie blogs that have a niche , topic , or theme of the room similar to your blog ; among them are : strategy articles that they use , what they write articles and post , how SERP rank the articles , and so forth . Make these points as a guide .

What I mean by "evidence " does not mean that mimic or even copy and paste their articles . Make the clue means looking for any loopholes that have not been filled , modeled writing strategies so good in the SERP , and see golden opportunities that have not been taken by the competitors blogs . The biggest mistake the blogs that just became a "follower without direction " is they see a good article and then copy and paste it out its contents , on a little modification , and publish it instantly ; are not uncommon in the same time after the original article was published . This makes the search engines immediately suspicious , suspicious original author of the article , and ended up not only his SEO only ugly , but also the title of the blog is in the eyes of other bloggers . Moreover, current algorithms begin targeting spam Blogger blogs Copas pasang iklan baris  gradually , without DMCA report ( example : veiled , jiplakers ) . Getting worse .

3 . Perform checks and trend prediction
Trend relates to what is being hotly discussed , sought after , become the focus of attention , or things that become subject parcel of life ( I usually refer to as a lasting trend ) . Make sure you always follow various trends that are going on , the talk of many people , and the most widely mentioned . Always engage yourself in various social media , forums , and others . Creating article / post in accordance with the trend not only will bring a lot of visitors and readers , but also will show the search engines that your blog is really dynamic and provide content that is always fresh and new to the reader .

Prediction analysis of trends related to what will soon happen in the nearest future . The ability to predict is certainly related to your proximity to a variety of media as well as the trends that occur at this time , because the trend now shows what is quickly becoming a trend in the future . For example , the current trend of Korea ( korean wave ) began to smell the smell since mid- 2010, I have written several articles for a client some time earlier . Predictably , the current trend is booming , the articles are already in the top ranking because of previous SE optimization and get a step ahead of the - of the kind later articles .

4 . Determine the feasibility of the article : attention visitors and SEO
In the end , this strategy involves a dual focus : a visitor needs and the needs of SEO ( search engine in this case ) . Both are synergistic , because what is usually beneficial and meet the needs of visitors is what is needed by the search engines . Do you write articles that would meet the criteria for both ? These include : trends and keywords . Legitimate actually write any blog posts , including " my activities before bathing in the morning " or " my cat names " , but whether it is important to address the needs of the general visitor , and whether these keywords can be an important keyword in the search engines ? You have to think about it in the first place . If feasible , continue . If not , it's up to you ...

Note : Remember , pulau pari we're talking about a topic that is SEO Friendly article , not the article diary or vent . :)

5 . Keyword analysis
So you finally decided to write a blog article . But , stop ! Wait a minute . You have to think about important words ( read : keyword ) you should use . Keyword analysis train and cultivate your ability to use words and series of words " most wanted " by visitors in search engines . There are various strategies and tools to perform keyword analysis . You can start with simple keyword analysis . Determine effective keywords will make your articles not written in vain and foundered in the SERP competition and prevent the article from flooding damage keywords SEO articles and blogs that have hurt you awake (PG / banned ) .

B. Things that Need to Look For when Writing Articles
As the author of the blog , obligatory attention to the technical and non- technical , especially things related to SEO .

6 . Designing a blog article title
" The title is a paper crown " , said person ( who's the guy? ) . It is true in my opinion , both for visitors and search engines . For SE , in some common cases , the title has a high keyword weight , so keep in mind what keywords are being targeted and should be used . pulau pari Make sure the important keywords in the title , but avoid repetition or flooding keyword . On the other hand , you still have to pay attention to visitors , make sure you are adequately explain the title of the content of the article ( quite descriptive and clear ) , and varied .

Titles attention to keywords and creative have a plus for search engines at once visitors . If you want to strengthen keywords , make sure there are some keywords at the front . If the composition of your title tag is the name of the blog : the title of the article ( the default blogger ) , make sure to change the arrangement of the title tag . But notice requirements and appeal of the title in order to keep it interesting and make the reader curious . Read Article Title you Boring ?

7 . optimizing Permalink
Permalink Blogger ( in particular ) has a limited number of characters , depending on the length of words that you use ( although it is now longer than the character limit before ) , but sometimes interrupted in the middle of the article title . Make sure you fill permalink important keywords and not interrupted by using the edit feature custom permalink blogger , avoid automatic functions permalink . In WordPress , edit permalinks even easier , you can add modifiers tamper directly at the permalink editor under column headings . Not all words have to fit into a permalink , if necessary, remove the words that include the stop words like and , the , on , and the like . Sometimes I avoid the words are not important other and only put 4 to 5 important words .

Sometimes I also experiment with using different keywords at all , but it needs testing for ( and sometimes " quipped : blog.html ) , but it was not the principal .

8 . Open the pulau tidung article with keywords important
This point is sometimes misinterpreted as a repeat title in the first paragraph , in fact did not mean it . I often see articles that sound like this , " Hello , on this occasion I would like to discuss the [ title of article ] " , even [ title of article ] often written several times in the first paragraph . The issue is not that. We can write the introductory paragraph with a richer , communicative , and creative . The point is the emphasis and variations of keywords , not the repetition of keywords composition , for example , " Hey , buddy Blogger ! Once we set the permalink distress blog posts for SEO purposes , but now , because of the addition of Custom permalink Blogger feature , set the contents of the URL of post page more easily , and permalink optimization so the maximum " .

There were times when I did not discuss about the topics discussed in the first paragraph . But once again it was for the pilot, preamble, and sometimes it does not pay attention to SEO . For me this is important to the overall naturalization blog content ( ) .

9 . The use format headings , bold , italic, underline
In the context of the Blogger platform , the heading has 3 types of levels: heading ( h2 ) , subheading ( h3 ) , and minor headings (h4 ) . Heading obvious a blog title ( if using h2 ) , sometimes using the blog title h1 and h3 , all depending on your template . Make sure you use subtitles on the article to separate some important points . For search engines , this is an important emphasis and manifest or solving the main title ( the title of the article ) . If the page you are using H2 as the article title , the subtitles should be underneath ( h3 and h4) . In WordPress , this feature pulau tidung  is even up to H6 , H5 and H6 regarded but little weight , so I suggest not used in the post .

The use of bold formatting ( bold) , italic ( italic ) , and underline ( underline) also has the function of emphasis , three in - markup by tag b , tag i , and u tags . Be sure to use one of three formats to give emphasis to a sentence , word , or important keywords . Noteworthy is not too excessive .

The use of bold , italic , and underline through styling ( CSS ) I do not recommend , because Google does not read . Use direct feature bold , italic , and underline above the post editor or use the controls on the keyboard ( CTRL + B / I / U ) , because instead of using HTML tags and styling .

Both types of presses that make the reader more easily perform sorting or tracing the content and focus on something that is emphasized . For search engines , the use of heading tags , bold , italic , and underline provide information that a word , phrase , or a particular section has an important value that is given more weight .

10 . meta Description
Be sure to always fill the post in the description meta search feature description , located in a panel / lower right sidebar . alat bantu sex  Noteworthy is meta description should be unique , must not grimy from the article . If the same , then there is no variation of keywords that should matter . See the meta description as additional features that benefit , do not be lazy to fill it . Take a few minutes to design a unique meta description as well as have a series of important keywords . Listen : Using and Optimizing Meta Description Blogger . I do not recommend the use of dynamic meta description and automatic , because the look is not professional , just a repetition of the title , spammy , dangerous for SEO blogs , and certainly shows laziness blog owner .

11 . Internal and external linking
Linking to the other posts that are very important referential . For visitors , the links in the post shows as well as encourage visitors to another article that references both the articles in your own blog or a blog / website . They can get more in-depth source of information on a topic or theme related to the topics in the article he was reading .

Internal linking makes search engines easily find ( charted ) and give weight ( pass PageRank ) are referred to another article . Internal linking also has benefits in demonstrating the authority of your blog as well as reduce the bounce rate ( by adding pageview ) .

External linking is also important for Google , because alat bantu sex Google will see you have a reference anywhere , or linkback reference to the source or quality sites will make your articles naturally , because you reconcile the results of research or quoting sources clearly . External linking for visitors to give the impression that the blog / site have links to other sites , and not alone . Make sure you have properly when menofollow an external link if indeed you are not sure of the quality. But note that you have to give the award to a dofollow link sources or cite where you take the content as a form of attribution to the original source . Do not be afraid to pass PageRank or provide backlinks , it is not fair if a blog does not have outgoing links at all .

12 . Anchor text
Anchor text is the text where a link is inserted . I suggest to further diversify the anchor text , avoid always exact anchor text , or in accordance with the targeted keywords , create variations in other words allow . Strive to minimize or even using anchor text consisting of only one word. Penguin has shown ferocity and we must be aware of this . In fact in my opinion , this time with a variation of a line as the anchor text it seemed reasonable and not making it up.
Learn more :

Optimizing Anchor Text for visitors and SEO

13 . The use of pictures and obat aborsi  other visual media
The use of images also provide its own value to the search engines , in addition of course to visitors . Search engines will see your content rich , because it also uses the image as part of a media content. Images can be used as an infographic , a medium to convey ideas, ideas , analysis , tutorials , etc. in the form of images . Or you can use the image to show the important points , for example, indicate a particular part of a software . Moreover, if you use your video to explain , discuss , or demonstrate an important point , then the higher the value of your article again .

14 . Optimize the size of the image file
Loading a web page / blog is still an important issue for search engines . Therefore , as much as possible to optimize the media ( especially the pictures ) so as not to interfere with loading page article . Image format is also important , if you only need a static image , not transparent , just use JPG format , because it is lighter and usually have a smaller file size . Compress images with a variety of tools available , if forced to use PNG to pursue transparency and quality , use the PNG compressor . Use GIF if it is really necessary to display animations and do optimization ( speed up or compress ) if possible .

15 . Optimization of image file names and ALT attributes
Like the first I've ever seen, the name of the image file ( or any file ) that we upload will have a direct link / url , just like a web page . If we give the name of the file properly and correctly according to the concept of keyword optimization , then the file will not be in vain when we insert into the content . So be sure to take the time rename / name the file obat aborsi with important keywords before it is uploaded .

http://hostinggambar/ggglll/nama-file-akan-sangat-baik-diisi-keyword.jpg .

Do not forget to also insert alt text containing important keywords to the image tag , its function is as a text ( anchor text and link attributes if enclosed ) , so that the text is readable also by Google .
Check out more here :

Image Optimization to Improve SEO
Image Alt Attribute functions for SEO and Visitors

That's it . Please leave comments , feedback , or anything else via comments . Have a nice blogging !


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