Saturday, July 5, 2014

Furthermore, these results will be further utilized in producing Hi-fer.

The advantages of this technology are: (1) can be produced by society (farmers) en masse; (2) easy (manually with equipment and materials available in the local site); and (3) low cost.

In order for appropriate technology innovation, product development model needs to Hi-fer with based on community empowerment by the college.

Feed Problems

There are a number of problems associated with animal feed. First, the quality of the feed varied (less likely) because it is a waste of feed mostly lignoselulolitik with Total Digestible Nutr
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Second, seasonal food production (seasonal movement), generally production will decrease when the dry season, ie April to September.

In the breeder would have trouble getting grass field or a decrease in the production of cultivated forage production so abundant during the rainy season need to be preserved / stored for use during the dry season. Thus, requiring storage technology.

In addition, the location is not setumpu feed production with livestock production sites. Pockets of livestock production, particularly beef cattle, tend to lead in urban fringe areas, while forage production is generally widely available in rural areas.

In addition, Java also solid cattle, while the production of forage is limited. In contrast, many forage production occurs in Sumatra, but relatively few livestock population. This requires a solution that can be utilized in the form of the potential availability of packing and transport techniques appropriate to facilitate the feed is distributed.

In summary the needs of the technology needed to overcome these problems is an integrated technology include feed processing, preservation, packaging, transportation, and commercialization.

One solution is a integrated Hi-fer production technology that is able to utilize forage and process them into more valuable nutrients and easily distributed to the livestock center, and expected and able to cope


Centras LPPM IPB in the past two years have found some results that can support the achievement of these goals.
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The results of previous studies, namely superior probiotic products. This product is able to increase the palatability of the ration of 16.9 percent, 12.8 percent increase fiber digestibility and protein 17.9 percent, increasing the body weight gain of 1.17 kg / head / day to 1.39 kg / head / day and lower emissions faecal pollution gases, especially ammonia and H2S gas decreased 8.8 percent and 3.5 percent.

In addition, Centras has developed a probiotic that can suppress the toxicity of aflatoxin in milk of dairy cows (Solta, et al., 2013) and binding of aflatoxin in cattle rumen.

Furthermore, the products KP, which is mixed with the feed ingredients that provide beneficial effects.

KP consists of a mixture of acids and salts as well as antioxidant and anti-fungal. KP Centras LPPM IPB products proven to increase the palatability of feed fermentation, increasing the shelf life of the feed, and speed up the fermentation process.
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Follow-up study that will be done is the application of the use of the two products (combined) in the forage fermentation process and determine the form of packaging that is easily applied by society, as well as allow it to be commercialized so that it can be a mainstay source of new revenue for the community.


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