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Agricultural Extension PNS

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  Agricultural Extension PNS
THL-TB Agricultural Extension
Extension Agent SwadayaKeindahan Hidden Flower ShoesInterest is something that is very pleasing to the eye it is extremely not mengeherankan when people often plant their favorite flowers on the side of the house or yard so that they can continue looking at the beauty of the flowers at any time.
Pulau Tidung Speaking of flowers around the house, you'll often see flowers that have petals and brightly colored menscolok, is not it? Yep, that is the hibiscus flower. Want to know more about the type of flowers that termasik trumpet this, let us refer to the information below.
Inside Flower Shoes.Types of flowers belonging to the Malvaceae is indeed its existence is known to be very fast because it is very interesting. Understandably, the interest which has the Latin name Hibiscus rosa sinensis L has a crown of flowers are large and beautiful. Sometimes it attracted the attention of young girls to mejadikan this flower ornament on their heads. Not surprisingly, the average interest rate that the shoes are in lower positions are often short-lived because often plucked. Despite having a large crown with a diameter of up to 6 till 19 cm plus pistil sticking out, but it does not have the scent of flowers. Recognizing the interest by the Sumatra highway called the flower is very easy. He typically has 5 petals numbered pieces will be protected by additional petals that are red, yellow, orange, pink, etc., because it's the flowers terlihta have double eyelids, but there are also only has a crown layer. If you want to transplant them this plant, the flowers can calm life in the tropics and subtropics by way of attachment, grafts and cuttings.

Pulau PramukaImportant Substances In Flower ShoesIt turns out that not only beautiful hibiscus seen but beautiful at heart and in body. Why? Because some parts of these flowers contain substances that are useful to the body, eg part resin. BNGA sap can be used as medicine in the heat. The flowers contain flavonoids as antioxidants and substances inhibiting pigmentation, it has not termasuj other important substances such as saponins, proteins, polyphenols and others. Ethanol contained in this flower can also be used to slow the growth of hair in your armpit

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Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa sinensis Linn)Image Source: plants include family Malvaceae. Thought to have originated from China and Japan, but has long been cultivated in Indonesia. Widely used as a component of many plant and is found growing wild in the bush thicket. Classified hibiscus shrubs with a height reaches 1-4 meters. Petals layered like a rose. The flowers have a variety of shapes and colors and is quite unique. Hibiscus able to grow well in the open or semi-shade, either in high or low-lying areas up to an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Propagation using cuttings, grafting, grafting, or grafting. Tanamn ornamental planting medium requires rich organic materials that require additional manure every six months sekali.kembang shoes do not require special treatment in the flowering process. At the beginning of growth, give NPK fertilizer with hig
Wisata Pulau Parih nitrogen content, then at the time of entering the flowering period give NPK with high content of phosphorus and potassium. Pruning is absolutely necessary to maintain the shape of the plant and stimulate the emergence of new shoots that will contain bung


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