Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gecko animal is a cannibal

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 Gecko animal is a cannibal , so if he's gathered so one cage , and was hungry , he is cannibalistic . He has a strong guideline whom he has won, so there is a law of the jungle here . So my advice 1 1 gecko cage . So that no food competition .
Geckos Easy Stress , And Because
Pulau Pramuka geckos are easily stressed , so once placed in the stable , not moved and moved again either gecko cage . The goal that geckos do not stress , consequently he will not fond of eating . Sebenarya dead gecko , the average stress . Because when I first lot were dead .
Laying cages in a suitable place . Try the place out , this was possible under the tree . The goal was to remain in the wild .
Adaptation of gecko captured and entered the cage . Usually gecko will not eat for 2 weeks ato even more . But if the cage is made of wood , adaptation will be faster . So I suggest a cage made ​​of wood .
The purpose of separating per cage . That is so not spawn ato gecko breed . Because my main goal is to raise not cultivate .
For a free cage . The requirement must be of wood , and a bit dark . Madsutnya dark all closed except the door using wire streaming . And try to max 2 tailed gecko in 1 enclosure . If I use the former in place of a wooden wardrobe , I modif with door using wire streaming .
For food . Insects are food gecko . It will stimulate the gecko becomes larger . In this case can use crickets / Kroto as food tokek.Untuk increase in a few ounces of it depends on many factors , try not to stress the gecko feel it wrote . cage made ​​as comfortable as possible .
How to hold . Geckos are a little scary . usually holds the position of the back , and target his head , not the tail , because he will release his tail if held , like a lizard . do if bitten , flush mouth with warm water ato , switch gigitanya with a rather soft object eg cloth .
That said, the bird's nest soup would make a person live longer . Ancient Chinese society believe that they are descendants of emperors and gods can live up to ten thousand years . Even so , in fact, they still want to take advantage of swallow nest for the emperor 's health .
When the swallow nest was first disco
Wisata Pulau Parivered , probably no one ever thought that it would a very high economic value . Bird's nest is in fact expected to have tremendous benefits for human health . Apparently, swallow bird makes its nest by using a thick saliva . When exposed to air , saliva is finally dry up and form a nest . The unique concept of the nests by the birds' .


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