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· Lice leaves Peach ( Aphid sp. )

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H a m a· Lice leaves Peach ( Aphid sp. ) , Note the bottom surface of the leaves or foldsleaf , peach aphids usually hiding under the leaves. Pijit finger hardy colony ticks , spray with BVR or PESTONA .· Hama Thrip parvispinus , attack symptoms wrinkly leaves and leaf blotch Chlorosis due to fluid smoked , the lower layer of silvery leaves , or like copper . Usually colony hang below the leaves. Observations on the morning or afternoon because the mites will go out at the shade. Severe infestation spray with BVR or PESTONA to reduce the spread .· Pest mites ( Polyphagotarsonemus latus ) . Symptoms attack leaves khaki twisted roll to the bottom along the midrib . Sprouts until thickened and falling living stems and branches. Note the young leaves, when wind and hardens it's a sign of mites attacked . How to overcome as in Aphis and Thrip


LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA1 . Choice of breeds· Select the seeds uniform , healthy , strong and grow seamlessly· Seedlings have 5-6 leaves ( age 21-30 days)
2 . Way Planting· Planting time in the morning or late afternoon , when the heat was postponed .· Removable plastic polybag· Once planting is complete, direct crop watered / NASA POC 3-4 sprayed off / tank .
3 . Observations Hama· Land Worms ( Agrotis ipsilon ) , active night for kopulasi , eat and lay eggs. Worms eat the young plants with a street cut stem or petiole . Hide in the soil during the day around the stricken plant . Each worm was found collected and killed, heavy infestation spray with PESTONA or VIREXI· Grayak worm ( Spodoptera litura & S. exigua ) ,In addition, the newly hatched caterpillars / still is a green with black spots on both sides of the stomach / body worm , triangular blotch on the back ( like a crescent moon ) . Symptoms of infestation , the larvae feed on the underside of the leaves and the fruit flesh with damage in the form of a scab or large holes . Severe attacks , chili leaves twigs glabrous to stay its branches only. Eggs are collected and destroyed, mow the grass around plants used for hiding . Spray with VITURA , VIREXI or PESTONA .· Snails / snails. Eat plants, especially attacking the evening. Look around planting ( sometimes under the mulch ) and throw out the areal .
E. Phase CROP MANAGEMENT ( 7-70 HST )1 . Watering can be done with pengocoran individual crops or irrigation ( dilep ) if felt dry .2 . Fertilizing late pengocoran once a week every hole . Fertilizer kocoran a comparison macro Urea fertilizer mixture : SP 36 : KCl : NASA = ( 250 : 250 : 250 ) gr in 50 liter ( 1 cask ) solution . Given the age of 1-4 weeks dose of 250 cc / hole , is age 5-12 weeks with macro Urea fertilizer comparison : TSP : KCl : NASA = ( 500 : 250 : 250 ) gr in 50 liters of water , at a dose of 500 cc / hole .Total fertilizer needs macro 1000 m2 :
Type of Fertilizer
1-4 weeks ( kg )There are several causes of hair loss occurs , for example kerontokan telogen , or kerontokan happens to phase the hair lift . Its true in every strand of hair on the head of a growing phase ( Anagen ) 2-6 years. During his life time , hair also suffers rest phase ( telogen ) , and phase loss. Hair that is in phase natinya rest will fall out after 2 or 3 months , then change the new hair grows back .
Kerontokan kerontokan telogen is the most experienced and Complaint by many people , which is usually the mark with thinning hair as a whole , and is not balding. However, in line with the time , the hair will usually grow back to normal . Kerontokan cause telogen was varied , both internal and external . Hormonal changes such as pregnancy Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya or at the time of application specific Drugs can increase the amount of hair in the phase of rest, then loss. Certain diseases such as anemia , fever or typhus also a trigger kerontokan type. Other factors also contribute for is a lifestyle , environmental factors and application example Tools ( Hair Styling ) .


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